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The Council Circle Challenge


The Council Circle Challenge is a year-long development campaign to raise $25,000 to be partnered with a $100,000 gift from a family of 4-H and WVU Jackson’s Mill alumni. The campaign ends in June of 2015.

The campaign calls upon former and current members of 4-H and nonmembers to take part in a social media challenge through Facebook and Twitter. Participants engage and compete with others to reach the $25,000 fundraising goal.

The funding will renovate the existing Council Circle to include a new concrete foundation, drainage system, benches, Council Rock and totem poles. The second phase includes refreshing the surrounding areas of the Council Circle including new walkways, lighting, and steps through the wooded area around the Circle’s location.

The newly constructed Council Circle will be ADA compliant, allowing for even more inclusion and improved accessibility to all campers, staff and visitors.

Help rebuild the WVU Jackson’s Mill Council Circle by pledging your donation.

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